Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sir, the voters are revolting!

According to recent polls in the UK, one third of Conservative voters will not vote Conservative come next election. A swing to the right will not help the embattled Cameron either. Most British voters have seen Cameron's flip flop policy changes and savage budget cuts, not to mention his blatant incompetence, as signs the conservative party is going under. That may not be the case. One can only hope the British Freedom party and UKIP benefit, not Labour from this exodus of support.

Lord Ashcroft, a key Conservative peer, had the following to say in the Daily Telegraph:

“Unfortunately, the air of competence and leadership needed to provide confidence in the party’s economic management is being eroded.“An accumulation of small mistakes and U-turns, each forgivable in itself, has prompted people to wonder whether policies are being thought through properly. The 'pasty tax’ debacle is remembered with derision.”

In an interview today with the Telegraph the PM said voters would ultimately back his values and policies. What values Mr Cameron?

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