Friday, 22 June 2012

End of the House of Lords

The so called conservative government, has decided not to hold an election on the House of Lords. Cameron wants to see the number of lords reduced from 900 to 300, and make 80% of them elected. The House of Commons will be given more power. I don't believe it, I do, I'm not surprised but honestly. Labour is criticising this decision! It would appear that the traditional roles of the parties have been reveresed. I'm not going to say any more on this. I'm actually far too mad to even have a rant.
You can read about it in detail here-  

Death by a thousand cuts

Moody's recently cut Britain's credit ratings, and that of 16 large banks. Today Mario Monti, Merkel and other Eurozone leaders have met in Rome to discuss a way out of the crisis. Greece has been given more finanicial support than any European nation in history. More to the point, it owes more than Germany did in it's Weimar Days. It is clear that Britain is heading into a recession. It is being slightly alleviated by the Pound Sterling, but that won't be enough for when the second knock comes. Italy is now in strife, and may soon slip into the same mire that Spain finds itself in. The EU is dying by death by a thousand cuts. The big picture is that now the ''big four'' are meeting in Rome. Times are getting worse, there will be a knockout blow, sadly the consequences will be very long lasting. If the situation in Italy worsens, combined with Spain, this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. 

Its not unthinkable that should the new ''conservative'' coalition in Greece become more self assured, the sitution might improve. Fact is Greece's debt will take decades to pay off. In all but name Germany owns it. Merkel will no doubt show her authority at this Rome conference, and reminiscent of the Czech campaign of 1938. Merkel will keep testing everyone elses patience, whilst flexing her strength...

This ''slow burn austerity'' policy is harmful and if anything too slow. What needs to be doen is some form of swift action. This crisis is a wound that must be sterilised, lest it spread to other markets. The US economy is backed up, the Chinese is slowed and Australia's is very uncertain. Germany is in a stable state. Unlike the rest of Europe, Merkel knows this and like the other Eurozone leaders doesn't give a damn about other ''Euro-unity'', she just wants the best for Germany. Unlike say Britain or Hungary, whats best for Germany isn't best for Europe.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Falkland War

I'm a day late for this post, but better late than never. The 30th anniversary of the Falklands War has come and gone. The sabre rattling of the Argentine government has been leading up to this date. It came and went with little to no fuss. The people of the Falklands will however be going to the polls on a referendum for independence, in 2013. Anyway, Britain may not rule the waves anymore, but it rules the Falklands!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Britain, Australia the EU and the ties that bind Pt 2

If your reading this blog chances are your patriotic. For the British and Commonwealth visitors, its admiration for Queen and Country. For the large number of American visitors, I'd say its common interest. Traditional values and the status quo, still appeal to a large number of American conservatives. These values that we hold dear, nowdays are exceptional, and rare. They're archaic and in some cases, defending something as sacred and holy such as marriage, leads to being called a ''Nazi'' and such. It wasn't always like that, once the world was ours. This is the story of how our world ended...

Western civilization at the present day is passing through a crisis which is essentially different from anything that has been previously experienced. Other societies in the past have changed their social institutions or their religious beliefs under the influence of external forces or the slow development of internal growth. But none, like our own, has ever consciously faced the prospect of a fundamental alteration of the beliefs and institutions on which the whole fabric of social life rests ... Civilization is being uprooted from its foundations in nature and tradition and is being reconstituted in a new organisation which is as artificial and mechanical as a modern factory.

Christopher Dawson. Enquiries into Religion and Culture, p. 259.

Most of the problems we face today can be traced back to a school in Germany. The Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt school was a collection of German and American students in Germany, who debated on Marxist theory. After WW1 the great fall of capitalism, as prophecised by Marx didn't occur. They decided that The West couldn't be broken from outside, so why not break it from inside? The school itself was at first little more than a classroom in Frankfurt University, it then grew into an institute in 1927.

In the 1930's times became tough in Germany for Communist groups, so they fled to the USA and Western Europe. There they infiltrated Western society through Universities. After WW2, their way of thinking was still not being grafted properly onto The West. The 1950's was a staunchly conservative and button down period of the 20th century. The 1960's however was an orgy of cultural destruction. This period was when the ''useful idiots'' came of age and started protesting about..well everything. That was one of the key elements in provoking the coming glorious people's revolution. To criticise everything old, and bring in something new, something Marxist.

This cultural razor blade swept through every sphere of public life. Now every school and university, every television station, every newspaper, every government, every political party, every organ of state has a ''socialist sleeper cell'. They're not all acting in harmony, all in each others confidence to bring down capitalism. No not by any means. However they share the same views and so find common allies. If you don't share their views, then of course your ''racist, xenophobic, fascist or bigoted''.

The EU is swarming with these cretons. Not just is Cultural Marxism being promoted in the EU, its being institutionalised as the law.

Do a little research, the EU from conception was supposed to lead to a super state. The totalitarian instincts of the European-Left are evident in every town in Europe.

What does this have to do with Australia's relationship with Britain? Everything. One example of how the EU ''stole'' Britain from its rightful Anglosphere throne is the case of the New Zealand sheep farmers. As much as 40% of New Zealands wool exports went to the UK. When Britain joined the EU, its trade became nearly strictly European. The poor farmers were left with their exports halved if not more. Most of New Zealands rural communities have still not forgiven them. The signing of the ANZUS Treaty, brought Australia into a closer relationship with the United States. This was a mistake. If Britain had been able to retain a closer relationship with Australia, then we wouldn't have been dragged of into Korea and Vietnam. Of course the UK took us to Malaysia, but defence of immediate borders are more vital than far flung corners of Asia.

In a sick twist, the more the West tangled with Communism, whether in the jungles of Vietnam, or a university campus, the more it seemed to become contaminated. It reminds me of a quote by Friedrich Nietziche '' He who fights with monsters, take care lest ye thereby become a monster ''. The end product of the swirling chaos of the 1960's and mid 1970's is this modern world we have now.

''My, what a vibrant,modern and accepting community we live in!'' 
This civilisation of ours is on the brink of collapse. I'm sure if our pioneer ancestors knew what nation they were building, they wouldn't have even got off the boat. The once great Western World, collapsed in under one hundred years. Ask a gentlemen walking round Paris in 1903 what the city will look like in 2003. He couldn't imagine the horrors (like the one above) that exist, and are common.

That is a very brief, but accurate description of how Marxism undermined civilisation. In doing so, turned once undividable bonds into casual friendships. But how did Britain lose its empire in under thirty years? It is more to do with bankruptcy than Marxism, and more to do with rebellions and a worn out super power. However it is interesting never the less, to investigate such touchy subjects.

The British Empire never fell as such, it just broke up bit by bit. This was prompted by the UN and the United States. The ''special relationship'' is really not so special. Remember how much help the US was in the Falklands War? Indian Independence and the Mau Mau rebellion were blows to imperial pride. The Suez Crisis proved the empire was over, the handing over of Hong Kong made it official. Since 1997, whats left of the ''empire'' if you could say that, is slipping. In 2013 there will be referendum in the Falklands. It is very clear which way the votes will swing, but the fact is Britain is being bullied by what is essentially little more than a drug lab with a national flag. 

Marxism really stirred up anti-imperial fervour in post war Britain. It also prompted ''Empire Guilt'', a near fatal disease that infects many millions of Britons. This post is depressing, but its the truth. It is up to you the reader, to strengthen ties between the Anglosphere.

It all starts at a grassroots level, the community. Church and public gatherings are the best places to rebuild that community. Then a national level, this is beyond the means of us, but one can dream that there may be a strong leader in the future. You see, Marxism only wins if you ignore it. Like a wound left to turn cystic, the longer it goes untreated the worse and more deadly it becomes.

The empire may not be coming back, but there is a future to look forward to. I for one look at the future with hope, that one day people will see through the socialist blinkers and retake their culture, rightfully theirs. It all starts with you.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Earl and Countess of Wessex visit Gibraltar

This visit is not without controversy however. As you may be aware, the Queen of Spain refused to attend HM the Queen's Jubilee recepetion over this visit. Yet despite the tensions between London and Madrid, the visit has gone as planned. The pictures speak for themselves, the people of Gibraltar are British not Spanish!

You can read and watch a report on the visit here:

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Britain, Australia the EU and The Ties That Bind- Pt 1

Before we examine Australia and Britain's changing relationship we need to go back. Way back to day one. For a lot of readers this will all be the first time you learn about colonial Australia so pay attention!

Australia was first discovered in 1606 by Dutch explorers. They landed in Western Australia, a dry and inhospitable land. They returned to Holland, reporting the low chance of successful colonisation. The natives, Aborigines, had lived in the continent for over 40,000 years. Despite their head start, they never built a single building, had no common language or culture, didn't even have the wheel and had no concept of agriculture. Whilst the rest of Europe was busy with art, music, science and discovery, the Aborigines were still in the Stone Age. Civilisation arrived under the Union Flag in 1770. Captain James Cook, claimed Australia for the British Empire. He later claimed Fiji and New Zealand.

Pictured-Captain Cook lands at Botany Bay      

Captain Arthur Phillip led the First Fleet into Port Jackson on 26 January 1788. This date became Australia's national day. Australia was used as a Penal Colony until the 1830's. At this time, the New South Wales government, invited thousands of British settlers to arrive. Among them was an ancestor of mine. Long story short in 1901, the separate colonies of Australia federated, to form the Commonwealth of Australia. 

Pictured- Australian soldiers commerate Federation with a parade in Sydney, 1901


In 1914 Australia went to war, as a loyal part of the British Empire. Its ''baptism of fire'' was at Gallipoli, in Turkey. This is celebrated as ANZAC Day ( A-Australian N-New Z-Zealand A- Army C-Corps). Australian soldiers fought valiantly for King and Empire from the Middle East to France and Belgium, even into Papua New Guinea. At the end of the war a whole generation of Australians had seen action. Nobody wanted to see it again. 

When the Second World War came round, Australians were not as enthusiastic as last time to have it at the Germans. Australians joined their British Allies in the Mediterranean. However tensions between Canberra and London were strained when Japan joined the Axis. Australia then looked to republican USA for support. We found it, and drifted slowly towards Washington. By the end of the war, the world had changed. Australia looked to Britain as home, but to America for friendship.

The Americanisation of the then very British Australia occurred from the 50's till the 70's. By that time we were altered beyond repair. Some say we were betrayed by Britain, others say the Aus-American alliance is more practical, given our Pacific interests. However this was not the death blow to Australia's mother-son relationship with the UK. 

Whilst the official reason is we drifted apart, out grew Great Britain. I believe the truth is far more sinister. Britain was dragged from us, and Australia was pulled away in the other direction. How did these two nations, so close and friendly become so distant? The answer is very clear...Marxism.

The EU made Britain part of Europe, even though for the past 300 years, Britain had been with its Empire and Commonwealth. Australia's cultural Marxists, infiltrated every level of Australias media, education system and government. Australias' national identity had stopped being ''British to the bootstraps'', and started being ''egalitarian, diverse and multicultural''. The mid 1970's saw such a radical change to this nations ethos and culture it is almost irreversible. Britain meanwhile is well on its way to being a state of Europe, perhaps even an Islamic one....

Part Two will examine the impact the EU had on the fall of the British Empire. As well as how it changed its relationship with the Anglosphere. Also I'll cover how Marxism and multiculturalism have undermined both nations. I'll get round to writing that one up sometime next week.

The Lord's Day

As it is Sunday ( At least in Australia) I thought I would share some of my favourite hymns.

I'll be posting a little bit more on the EU today so stay tuned!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

David Cameron- Defender of the UK or EU servant?

David Cameron today dismissed the call made by Germany's Chancellor Merkel, for a European State. She called for a single identity, flag and common unity to the EU flag. Cameron has announced his plans to veto a new EU treaty, unless plans are made to safeguard London as the dominant financial capitol of Europe. The fact that Germany is calling the shots in Europe should be a matter of great concern for everyone in Europe. It would appear that without a single coloumn of Panzers, the Germans have all but conquered Europe and the UK. 

In an interview before her meeting with Mr Cameron, Mrs Merkel said: “We need more Europe, a budget union, and we need a political union first and foremost,” she said. “We must, step by step, cede responsibilities to Europe.” She also insisted that countries outside the Eurozone, such as Britain, should not be able to block that process. 

It would not be a stretch of the imagination to suggest that should the EU federate, it would be ruled (officially or unofficially) from Berlin. Now Winston Churchill may have been in favour of the EU. Keep in mind however that in the 1950's and early 1960's it was a lot more tame. It was not all controlling and was by and large made up of the big nations of Western Europe. 

Cameron has made clear that Britain would not join the proposed banking union.“I wouldn’t for instance ask British taxpayers to stand behind Greek or Spanish deposits,” he said. “It’s not our currency.” 

The question is however, what is Cameron made of? This is the same ''Tory'' Prime Minister who allows mass immigration, severe military budget cuts, increased state welfare and all but decimated the Royal Navy. So is Cameron the United Kingdom's defender against a German Europe? Or will he back down and grovel before the Fourth Reich? Only time will tell. Cameron has plenty on his plate at the moment, not just the Eurozone crisis, but also the threat of Scottish Independence looming. If he fails to defend the UK and keep it united, Cameron will be remembered as weak. If he succeedes however, then ''Call me Dave'' Cameron might be just the man to defend Britain in the early 21st Century.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

Over the past few days, I'm sure many of you will have tuned in to watch some of the festivtities. For a marxist, his thoughts would turn to the cost of the event. For a left winger, just watching this celebration of the status quo, would make him uncomfortable. The apathetic may just appreciate the nice parades. But for us gentlemen, we understand the true value of this historic occasion. Her Majesty has been celebrated in style and all of the United Kingdom celebrated her reign. The more loyal MPs' and PMs
across the realms also celebrated the occasion. To me however it is inspiring. Despite Britains slide into irrelvance, crippling bankruptcy, loss of national identity and unnerving demographic change. The United Kingdom, if only just for several days, was returned to the world the Queen was born into.

God Save the Queen!

Lest We Forget

Today is the 6th of June. The 68th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy by British, American and Canadian armies. It was the largest and most successful invasion by sea in history. Just a few weeks after this invasion, the cracks in the Nazi war machine became apparent. Just a year after, and the war in Europe would be won. Therefore perhaps take some time today, to contemplate the sacrifices made by those men on the shores of France. That saved the Western World from spending the next thousand years under the blood red swastika.

A new blog is begun...

Dear reader,

It is with a great sense of joy that I might have the opportunity, to provide you with a number of essays, news articles and various snippings. In order to reach a vast number of people, and educate those who are not yet enlightened as to their ignorance. To those who are indeed enlightened, then I hope very much that as you come back from time to time, you find this blog to be informative and agreeable. I do not live in a fantasy world of knights and honour, kings and empires...Not at all. I live in the same multicultural, diverse, vibrant and dead society you live in. The post 1950's era has seen a collapse in morality, pride and any sense of belonging or social order. It is my hope, that this little blog, may be of some condolence to those whose hearts are sent wistfully back, to days of three piece tweed, social order, pride and honour. As long as we live, there is a little piece of the old world, that lives on...