Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A new blog is begun...

Dear reader,

It is with a great sense of joy that I might have the opportunity, to provide you with a number of essays, news articles and various snippings. In order to reach a vast number of people, and educate those who are not yet enlightened as to their ignorance. To those who are indeed enlightened, then I hope very much that as you come back from time to time, you find this blog to be informative and agreeable. I do not live in a fantasy world of knights and honour, kings and empires...Not at all. I live in the same multicultural, diverse, vibrant and dead society you live in. The post 1950's era has seen a collapse in morality, pride and any sense of belonging or social order. It is my hope, that this little blog, may be of some condolence to those whose hearts are sent wistfully back, to days of three piece tweed, social order, pride and honour. As long as we live, there is a little piece of the old world, that lives on...

1 comment:

  1. It is good to see another blog arise as a voice of defense of what is good honorable and right in these culturally acidic days. May God strengthen you for the fight. All the best,